Heating of Church Pews


  • The heater heats with turbulent heat into its surroundings.
  • The fastest and easiest system which only heats in the area of pews.
  • The unique properties of the FOXIS exchangers are used.
  • Heat is spread by radiation 360° around and only a minimum of heat escapes by convection upward over the area of pews.
  • Convection and radiation are combined. The pleasant heat fills the space between pews – like a tub with warm water.
  • The surface temperature of the heater does not exceed 80°C, thus the dust is not burnt.
  • Electric or hot-water version.


The easy installation of the FOXIS heating rods (or FOXIS “E” – electric version) provides heating of the space under the pew. The purpose of this heating is to quickly transfer heat to people so that the temperature in the upper space of the church and the monuments are not affected. The heater does not radiate heat onto the floor – as competitive systems – from which the air is heated first, but they heat directly the air.

All is made to measure for church pews. The most common is the electric version, when an electric switched socket is installed in the pew and the electric heater is plugged straight into it. The practice shows a suitable electric power input of approx. 360-400 W per running metre of pew. The system was developed in collaboration with the University of Technology. The technical report and the church temperature measurement result are in the manuals at this website.




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