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We are a manufacturing company based in Brno. We supply our products and complete heating solutions throughout the Czech Republic. We do not rank among the other heater manufacturers, we follow our own original way aimed at originality and quality.

We founded Energitech in 2003 as the next development step of our long-term work. From 1993, we were engaged in the development of production of floor convectors in OPL and OPLTHERM. We apply the gained experience in our new manufacturing company. The OPLTHERM brand with OPLFLEX products was bought by ISAN in 2004. In the field of floor convectors we have created our original system of building-in in the channel.

In 2001, we began to use braided wire exchangers made of copper instead of conventional aluminium plate exchangers in our products. In 2008, we replaced the original Dutch Spirotube wire exchangers with our own FOXIS wire heat exchangers.

Our ten years’ practical experience with braided exchangers has convinced us that the wire exchanger is an exceptionally suitable device for the heating of a flat, office, house, chalet or cottage. As a universal and, at the same time, elegant heating system it offers a more interesting heating solution than common heaters.

Therefore, we are currently not aimed only at step or floor fan-coils, but we solve heating in an interior as a whole. We supply heaters to measure, which adapt to a particular space and your individual requirements. We wish that customers and architects are not limited by “white boxes of radiators”.

Our goal is to offer a heating system that will be a natural part of an interior, whether as an invisible hidden heater or a design heater. We would like to put this idea through not only with architects, but also installers and the general public.


The unique FOXIS exchanger system thus represents a great challenge for architects and designers – it offers almost unlimited possibilities of heating solutions.


















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